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SEO Vs Google ads: Which is Better?


SEO Vs Google ads: Which is Better?

You also might have got confused by the question above, right? Which one should you use for your growing business? SEO vs Google Ads has been a steaming discussion that needs to be sorted at once to let people know what is better to ensure your company gets an apt boost of correct marketing services!

Digital marketing is a massive pool of tactics and untapped resources that needs to be leveraged for devising an efficient marketing strategy for businesses. But if you have a choice, let’s say, what would you choose?

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SEO services and PPC marketing are two different tactics that aim to boost your leads and conversions. You need to choose either way, but the ultimate results are mostly the same – increasing revenue! You can achieve it through SEO if you need consistent results and an authority website where PPC aims to fetch immediate outcomes and high traffic. Either way, you will gain growth in your business. So whether to use them separately or combined, it’s necessary to use both the services effectively to propel your business income. All you need to ace either of the services is a solid content and business strategy to steer clear of downfalls and leave behind your competitors!

Why Invest in SEO?

SEO vs PPC is a common debate. So let’s see the features of both services, beginning with SEO. SEO is an organic way to boost the ranking on Google. A successful SEO strategy can fetch high rankings for your website on the search engines. Whether you’re a new company or an older one, all you need is some attention from the algorithm, and this objective is fulfilled by practicing search engine optimization tactics. Statistics show that 80% of the traffic driven on sites will be through search engines. Moreover, 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day. This stat is enough to depict why your business needs robust SEO purposes to enhance its visibility and reach online. 

SEO caters to the need for online expansion, from small businesses to corporations, e-commerce, retail, production, service industry, and whatnot! SEO is practiced when a business needs to get organic rankings on SERPs. It includes link building, keyword research, on-page and off-page website optimization, and content strategy. However, it’s an ongoing and slow process compared to the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform and needs to be leveraged according to the Google updates.

The benefits of SEO 

Search engine optimization is a tool that is paramount in propelling your reach to your target audience organically. It is believed that 53.3% of all web traffic comes from organic searches. Hence, it boosts your reach and helps execute brand awareness among the users. Moreover, it creates the best user experience through the better functionality of your site and is also a free tool that includes zero implementation costs. So if you think SEO vs Google ads, go for SEO if you want to achieve long-term results and an optimized strategy to remain for a longer tenure on Google’s top rankings. 

The disadvantages of Search Engine Optimisation

Continuing the battle of SEO and PPC, SEO has many cons too, which might not be liked by the business that wants to flourish in the blink of an eye. SEO is a long-term investment and needs a lot of patience to bring out optimum results as conversions. You need to get aligned with the latest trends and Google algorithm to make sure people see your website at the top of search results. Moreover, it would help plan better SEO strategies to fight the fierce competition. 

What is Google AdWords?

Google ads or PPC is also a type of advertising tactic in which an advertiser needs to bid to have the ads appear on the sponsored and search results when a user types a query that includes keywords of your niche. The user has to pay for every click on the ad you’re promoting, PPC, i.e. pay-per-click. Google ad tools or PPC is a paid form of marketing benefit for businesses who want to get immediate results for their campaigns. Google Ad words vs SEO is generally a much-debated topic, but both have their objectives and advantages. Search ads are the most significant way to grow your audience. Businesses can use them with high customer lifetime value, such as the medical industries education sector, to products with high margins such as home appliances, automobiles, lawsuits and others.  

The Advantages of PPC

Now you know that there is a significant difference between SEO and PPC, let’s see why PPC is beneficial to businesses. As in PPC advertising services, your ads are immediately shown to a massive chunk of people, giving prompt results. So it is suitable for such a business that wants immediate leads. Moreover, it is helpful in time-sensitive offers, such as any discount or two-day campaigns. This pay-per-click advertising service is a boon as it amplifies the ads to expand it to an enormous pool of audiences instantly. PPC also corners SEO when your website does not match SEO requirements. For SEO, you need to regularly content writing, but some are not designed per search engine optimization; in that case, PPC is the best way to pull traffic. 

The disadvantages of Google Ads

Although you use PPC for gaining instant results, it is not a long-term solution. SEO and PPC are both marketing tactics, but PPC also has some disadvantages. Firstly, if you’re a small business with limited funds, spending on Google AdWords can be a big-ticket to your pocket. You may have spent thousands of bucks quickly without boosting your ROI. Secondly, getting clicks doesn’t mean you have won the battle. Convincing customers for buying is quite a task & it should be backed by building a user-friendly site & personalizing your ads as per audience. So, while deciding between PPC vs organic, ensure you thoroughly watch the pros and cons of each tactic. 

Which is the Best for your Marketing?

Now that you have enough discussion on SEO vs PPC, you might be thinking about what’s competent for your business. Search engine optimization aims to render long-term but full-proof results or Google AdWords, which give tremendous results for your campaigns. But have you ever thought that you could implement both SEO and PPC for your business to chalk out an effective marketing strategy? Yes! You heard it right.

Getting SEO and PPC working together can aid your business in many ways you can use PPC keywords to optimize SEO efforts. This way, there’s no need to go the extra mile to create a separate set of keywords by digging deep in SEO. Moreover, If you’re in a good hold of funds, you can use PPC after getting your website aptly optimized for SEO. As SEO directs the audience and increases your chances of “to be found” across the web, PPC lets you reach your audience no matter how large or small it is through a streamlined campaign that can be tracked and analyzed. 

So, whatever method you use, either separately or combined, will leverage your business if utilized effectively. But, first, you need to check your requirements, objectives and tenure;  get them done! And there you go!

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