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Your content marketing strategy can create or break your brand’s reputation. Users interact with your site, social networks, find information about you on Google pages. And it is very important for the content they interact with to be high-quality, relevant, interesting and timely. Otherwise, they will contact your competitors.

Content marketing is much more than a post on social networks or an article on a blog. This is your business suit for an important meeting. Content tells your story, makes the first impression and creates a positive relationship between the business and the target audience.

Seo-F1rst specialists will develop for you an individual content marketing program that will touch on the pain points of your users and present your brand as an invaluable resource that can solve their problems. We will determine the most valuable channels and types of content that will receive the greatest response. Starting with optimized texts for the pages of your site and ending with short messages on social networks and PR articles in the most respected publications, your content will resonate with the audience, entertain, inspire, motivate users and distinguish your brand from the crowd.

Yes, we create content for people. Of course, Google loves our texts, but we are the marketers of content that turns into trust, builds a reputation, and is more likely to lead to sales. Our task is for your brand to talk with its target audience and do it holistically.

  • The content strategy is based on a deep understanding of your target audience and competitors’ content strategies. We create the positioning, value, credibility, and uniqueness of your brand in the eyes of users.

  • Putting content at the heart of your digital marketing strategy, we maximize the return on your investment and ensure that we attract not just the target audience, but the supporters of your brand.

  • Dividing your audience into individuals with characteristic behavior and preferences, we create content that allows you to achieve your business goals quickly.

Content affects not only your rankings but also the attitude to your brand. This means that good content generates sales.

Our approach to creating content

When (it’s time) (you are ready) to tell your brand’s story online, it’s time to get the Seo-F1rst targeted content marketing team involved. We do not only create content for you. We are achieving results. Our work will not be successful if you do not see an increase in sales, customers’ involvement, and retention. We are your partner, which means that we will succeed only when you succeed.

Our work is always based on your goals. We carefully study your potential target audience to maximize opportunities for interaction. By exploring the conversion journeys of your users, the current perception of the brand and comparing this data with your goals, we offer you the greatest opportunities for creating content.

We know how important search engine rankings are, so we pay great attention to the selection and analysis of keywords for which you want to take the lead. Content optimization is an important part of our work. We inlay keywords so they fit seamlessly into the content. We do not accept compromises in our work: our texts are beautiful, interesting and perfectly optimized, which allows them to be converted into sales.

Contacting Seo-F1rst, you will find a complete list of content marketing services:

  • Writing SEO-optimized texts
  • Storytelling
  • Creation of advertising articles and PR materials
  • Writing Press Releases
  • Blogging
  • Creating materials for social networks
  • Developing content for email newsletters
  • Stylistic and grammatical correction for your texts
  • Other services that you can find out about by contacting us.

We do not just write texts. We provide you with recommendations regarding their placement and promotion.

Content allows you to go beyond the usual static advertising. It helps to make connections.

What do we do?

Something exceptional is required to stand out in the face of fierce competition. Our team will work with you to explore content ideas that connect your brand, goals and target audience. We understand both the strategy for creating content and SEO. By combining this knowledge, we maximize every opportunity for your business to be heard and gain the necessary influence in the market.

Our working approach is stage-by-stage :


  • Strategy creation

    We collect all the necessary information and build a content plan based on the use of different tactics for different channels, but at the same time, we maintain a holistic image of your brand.


  • Content production

    Based on the approved strategy, we create high-quality modern content that meets the goals of your business and the tastes of its target audience

  • Content promotion

    Content only works well when people know about it. Our promotion efforts cover the entire landscape of marketing media.

  • Analytics and optimization

    We help our customers to measure effectiveness, analyze results and improve the productivity of their content.

In recent years, content consumption has grown phenomenally, and these are not just empty words. You cannot ignore the value of content for your business. We will help you talk with your target audience the same language and find the right words to grow its loyalty to your company. Ultimately, we will help you grow your brand, not just another product.

We will discuss your project with joy!

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The issue of trust for the brand is no less important than in interpersonal relations. We create content that builds connections and creates a positive image of your business.