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Contextual advertising: get customers from the first day

Do you want your advertisement to be as effective as possible, and each visitor to the site to be not just a “random passer-by”, but a potential client? Contextual advertising is the most effective and reliable way to attract users since it’s always appropriate. It’s seen only by those who are really interested in your goods or services. That is why paid search (PPC?) gives more targeted clicks to your site than any other channel.

Any business can pay for clicks. The smart business pays for strategy. Our team of contextual advertising specialists develops and implements effective paid marketing strategies based on a combination of analytics, technology, and creativity. This approach allows us to create campaigns that significantly affect your profits.

Applying tactics based on the individuality of the business, we combine the goals of our clients with the nuances of advertising platforms, consistently increasing the return on paid media investments. Our gurus filter out ineffective keywords, improve calls to action and value propositions, optimize clicks and turn them into sales. But launching a campaign is only the beginning. Our goal is to maximize the budget and achieve a delicate balance between the number of potential customers and the price you pay for them.

  • Technological focus

    We are always up to date with advanced technologies and one of the first to introduce new opportunities in the advertising campaigns for our customers. Thanks to our in-house tools, we automate complex management tasks and protect your contextual expenses to maximize your income.

  • Excellence analytics

    All our decisions are backed up by data. We are not guided by guess. We test campaigns, analyze important information, and use only proven methods to achieve the best results.

  • Complex approach to achieving your goals

    Even the most skillful advertising will not force the user to make a purchase on a site that doesn’t inspire trust. Working on a contextual advertising strategy, we always analyze the situation deeply, looking at all the success factors. Our task is not just to write ad texts, but to make the pages of your site selling.

We constantly test campaigns, striving for maximum productivity and minimum costs.

A scientific approach to outpace your competitors

Unfortunately, to get the desired results, it’s not enough just to write the ad’s text and target it by location and demography. The thing is that your competitors also use paid search and constantly optimize their campaigns.

To defeat them, you need flexible intellectual strategies based on knowledge of the search networks’ mechanisms, constant monitoring, and analyzing of your competitors’ actions, as well as the ability to use their weaknesses to strengthen your own tactics. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we spend time to understand your business from the inside.

Our experts use an analytical approach in their work and are always based on your goals and key performance indicators in building a strategy.

We create campaigns that stimulate not only interactions or conversions, but also your brand recognition, which is crucial in the face of high competition.

Our actions are based on the user’s testing and data mining, which allows you to optimize your advertising campaigns to get the most out of your investment. The key is not only how you get leadership but also what you do when you get it. We do not just connect you with your customers, we help you to build strong relationships with them.

It is important to know what your market looks like to determine what the opportunities are.

How we are working

Our workflow is always based on partnerships with customers. This approach allows us to combine your knowledge of your own assortment and specifics of goods/services with our professionalism and experience in contextual advertising for the comprehensive and effective achieving your business goals.

We take a step-wise approach with clear KPI and analysis methods to help you track results.

  • Primary research

    It is important for our team to fully understand your business. We need to examine your products or services, your target audience, and your goals. We will also analyze the market and the competitive environment to have a complete information picture for creating an effective strategy.

  • Strategy creation

    There are a number of important factors in addition to the keywords that need to be rethought for the quality promotion of your business. Is mobile device targeting necessary? The budget allocation between which contextual advertising channels will be most effective? Which location do you want to configure? Our experts will create a contextual advertising strategy that will focus on getting the results you need.

  • Campaign Setup

    The implementation is no less important than the strategy creation. Our specialists will begin the process by setting up an account and ending with creating those advertisements that will convey your benefits to customers. Particular attention will be paid to ensuring the correct display of advertising in search results.

  • Monitoring and improvement

    From the moment of launch, our specialists will monitor your advertising campaigns and the competitive field, analyze data and make adjustments if necessary. The improvement process is endless because the requirements of search engines are constantly changing, and the tactics of competitors are improving. Our task is to provide your business with stable positive growth.

Contextual advertising is only part of a marketing strategy, all tools of which should work in full coordination. As an innovative partner, Seo-F1rst provides its customers with a full range of marketing services: from developing brand positioning to introducing large-scale advertising campaigns and filling them with valuable content.

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