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The practice of increasing the ranking of sites has been around for many years, but perhaps today it is more important than ever before. There are many ways to increase a site’s rankings, but there isn’t the only right decision on how to achieve the desired results. This distinguishes SEO from many areas and makes it a truly unique business. Search engine optimization requires work. But also SEO requires creativity. Therefore, only true professionals who know all the ins and outs and internal levers of the process can masterly juggle key factors and bring any business to the top of success in search engines.

Thanks to constant research, testing and many years of experience, we have created our special system to increase the rating of customers on the Internet. Most companies require different variables that need to be considered with various degrees of intensity to get the results they expect.

We understand data and are guided by analytics. We set measurable goals for the final results and increase your profit. But the most important thing is that we think strategically and are able to look wider, effectively eliminating the true causes that impede your success, not their symptoms.

  • Our goal is long-term results.

    We have helped hundreds of customers, having walked with them the way from nowhere to the TOP of search results. But SEO criteria are changing all the time, and we know how to not only achieve this but also keep your business positions ahead.

  • We look beyond search

    As an SEO partner, we analyze all aspects of your presence on the Internet – from ways of communicating with your target audience to the convenience of using the site. We want to be sure that your business is not only visible in the search results, but also prepared for high-quality user interaction with it.

  • We work comprehensively

    When it comes to digital marketing, SEO is only part of the puzzle of your success. Therefore, we not only work on search engine optimization, supporting your marketing goals but also build a complete digital strategy, including paid search, content marketing, social networks, to provide your business with full coverage.

Our professionals check every element of your website to make sure that everything runs smooth and your marketing website is easy to navigate.

Professional SEO Services

Work on SEO consists of many details, the correct assembly of which allows you to create a single mechanism that effectively moves your business forward. Working with us, you can be sure that you are getting a full package of search engine optimization services that will help improve your site. We are also ready to provide you with individual services if necessary.

Audit and Competitive Analysis


Developing a reliable search engine promotion strategy is impossible without setting goals and identifying the problems your business is facing. Our experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your website, check the code and analytics, research every aspect of the market and make an assessment of the competitive environment. Comparing all the obtained data with your business goals, we will develop an individual strategy that will solve existing problems and open up new opportunities for growth. You will always be aware of all our actions because your project will be allocated a team that will work closely with you and provide detailed reports that will allow you to see the real picture and progress.

Website architecture optimization


If a site has problems with ranking, the first reasons for this are slow loading time, bloated code, broken links, and canonical errors. We will conduct a thorough analysis that will help to identify the existing problems and obstacles in the way of search robots, give recommendations for improving the structure of the site and its content, and also work out the internal structure of links to increase the authority of the platform from the inside.

Code optimization


The strategy for using keywords is determined individually, depending on the chosen niche, domain age, your business goals, and other factors. The process of optimizing your site in Seo-F1rst does not end with providing the necessary HTML elements as most companies do. Our strategy is based on deep immersion in your website, which includes optimization of headings, meta descriptions, code, use of LSI (latent semantic indexing), working with attributes of web accessibility and many others. We do what your competitors do not.

Content optimization


When it comes to SEO, you can’t help but talk about content. His role in improving your rating is great. We not only create a technical requirement for the use of keywords, add tags and meta-headers, but use the best practices for creating pages content that will help to use it not only to increase positions but also to retain the target audience. We combine technical and creative aspects together to make your site truly selling.

Mobile Optimization


Today, half of the search queries worldwide are on mobile devices, and this number is rising steadily. Mobility has become one of the most important ranking signals, so optimization is vital. In fact, if your site is not responsive or does not have a mobile version, its rating will be significantly reduced. Our strategy includes recommendations for optimizing your site for mobile devices.


Social Media Integration


One of the most important changes that have affected SEO significantly in the last decade is the emergence and global popularization of social networks. Our work includes optimizing the representation of your business on social networks to get high-quality organic links, signals, and traffic from them. Also, this contributes to a higher ranking in search results.


Editorial marketing


Building a high-quality external link mass has great importance for creating the authority of a domain name and ranking as a whole. Search robots measure how much your site can be trusted based on the reliability and quality of the sources that link to it. In our strategy, we focus on the organic stimulation of the acquiring links on websites of the highest level that directly related to your business. This allows us to complement marketing activities and improve the position of your business not only in search results but also in the eyes of the target audience.


SEO consulting


We often face that many companies have their own specialists, but need professional advice on search engine optimization. We have been cooperating with clients for more than 7 years, providing guidance and recommendations that allow them to create or adjust their own strategies aimed at achieving the desired results.

We are an SEO company that can provide you with great service and brings your website higher on the search platforms.


SEO Trends

Working for a long time with clients from the CIS, Europe, and the USA, we can confidently say that the mechanisms for search engine promotion are significantly different from country to country. Western markets are more developed and require an absolute understanding of trends and unconventional actions to bring companies to the top of rankings. Understanding the difference, having rich experience in bringing the business to new markets and constantly improving our own knowledge, techniques, and tools allow us to promote our customers qualitatively, ensuring a consistently high result regardless of the location of the business.


When should you contact Seo-F1rst?

  • If you are building a new business and need a reliable partner who is able to provide you with full marketing support for occupying strong positions in the selected market.

  • If you are at a dead end and you need a professional look, consulting, and assistance to open up new opportunities for developing your business.

  • If you are planning to enter a new market, but do not have sufficient knowledge or experience promoting the company in “foreign” realities.

  • Whenever you need informed marketing and you are ready to take your business to the next level.

Search engines use constantly evolving and extensive algorithms. Investing in a long-term SEO strategy ensures that your business is determined to achieve the desired results not only now, but also in the future.


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